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    What is a Lipidologist?

    In short, a lipidologist is a cholesterol specialist, and Lee County is home to only board certified clinical lipidologist: Dr. Kordonowy of Internal Medicine, Lipid & Wellness of Fort Myers. Dr. Kordonowy is Board Certified in clinical lipidology. He has received extensive training in cholesterol management, cardiovascular risk assessment, and intervention.

    Cholesterol is something that needs to treated on a person by person basis. With a wider depth of knowledge in this specialty, a lipidologist can offer more treatment recommendations; they can run complex diagnostic tests to diagnose or predict other diseases that correlate with specific lipid densities and sizes, such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes. If you have very high cholesterol, have difficult treating your cholesterol, have a family history of early heart attacks, or a personal history of vascular disease (coronary artery disease), it’s best to consult with a board certified lipidologist to receive the most accurate treatment for your cholesterol problems.

    At Internal Medicine, Lipid & Wellness of Fort Myers, Dr. Kordonowy offers his patients an advanced cholesterol clinic, and those who can truly benefit from his expertise are those that suffering from high cholesterol, those who have complex cholesterol disorders, sufferers of familial hypercholesterolemia, and people with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Kordonowy’s expertise within this medical subspecialty has helped many patients increase their longevity, because they could effectively manage their more difficult cases of high cholesterol.

    Dr. Kordonowy offers two lipidology products: A Lipid/Cholesterol Consultation and a Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.

    The Lipid/Cholesterol Consultation is $400. With this plan, you will get a physical examination and review of prior/outside records; a summary letter of Dr. Kordonowy’s findings and opinion.  The consult will include specific recommendations for ongoing management which can be shared with your preferred doctor if you wish.  Sometimes additional lab testing including a lipoprotein and cardiac inflammatory profile may be needed for difficult cholesterol cases and would incur additional fees.

    The Cardiovascular Risk Assessment is a $1,400 package. With this plan, you receive advanced lipoprotein testing and a cardiac inflammatory profile with interpretation; a comprehensive lab package; a one-hour appointment to review data, access history, and an examination. From this an action plan summary letter to reinforce the information and recommendations; a one-hour dietitian consultation; and E-portal access. This plan can also be used as a regular doctor consult or as an introduction to Dr. Kordonowy’s cardiovascular risk assessment and lipid management program.

    Other common reasons to see a lipidologist include: A personal history of heart attack (you really should have an evaluation to assure you are optimally managed to prevent further events. Persons with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, drug intolerance, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and those with a history of premature atherosclerosis can also benefit from advanced lipid testing and expertise interpretation of the data.

    If you’re looking to get a handle on your cholesterol, call Dr. Kordonowy 239-362-3005, ext. 200 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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    December 16, 2016
    Dr. Raymond Kordonowy

    About Dr. Raymond Kordonowy

    Private Practice Medicine. President of IPALC. Delegate for the FMA,. Member of the National Lipid Association, and Florida Lipid foundation. I have provided CME lectures in the area of cholesterol disorders. Areas of interest : General Internal Medicine are advanced lipid testing/Lipidology, difficult to manage lipid cases, obesity, diet and nutritional assessment, wellness. I am married to Margaret and our two grown boys are Nicholas and Matthew. Hobbies mostly reading, listening to music economics, jogging, bad mandolin playing and upland bird hunting.

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