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    My name is April Stowers and I am a nurse practitioner at Vein Specialists.  October is my favorite month because college football is in full swing and I love Halloween!

    At Vein Specialists, we celebrate October because of spiders and HELPING our patients with spider veins and symptoms of venous insufficiency.

    What does the appearance of spider veins mean?

    Spider veins present differently in different people.  Sometimes, it is a cosmetic concern or a patient just has a few areas where the “look” of their legs bothers them.  This can be treated by sclerotherapy which is injections with a tiny needle of medication into the smallest veins to improve the appearance of your legs. Often though, spider veins are the sign of an underlying disease called venous insufficiency.

    What is venous insufficiency?

    Venous insufficiency is a treatable disease where blood does not flow properly back from the feet to the heart and lungs.  This can present as visible signs such as spider veins or varicose veins.  It can also present as symptoms including heaviness or fatigue in the legs at the end of the day, nighttime urination, nighttime leg cramps or even restless legs.

    There is no magic potion for spider veins – but don’t BE SCARED of your SPIDERS!  If you have any of the signs or symptoms I mentioned, you deserve a vein evaluation! Contact Vein Specialists in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs/Naples at (239) 694-8246 to schedule your appointment today!

    Until November,


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    October 18, 2017
    Dr. Joseph Magnant

    About Dr. Joseph Magnant

    After 14 years practicing Vascular Surgery in Georgia as part of a large multispecialty group, I moved to Fort Myers in 2006 with the specific intention to limit the scope of my practice to Venous disease evaluation and treatment. My fellowship training and board certification in Vascular surgery enables me to offer patients a comprehensive and balanced approach to their venous disease management. We have the good fortune of having one of the most experienced Registered Vascular Technologists, JT Jarrard, on our staff. Since the introduction of endovenous ablation techniques (LASER and Radiofrequency based systems) in 2000, we have been able to offer patients of all ages and medical conditions, solutions to their venous insufficiency related problems with outpatient, minimally invasive treatments performed under the strictest of sterile techniques, in a spa like facility under local anesthesia.

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