System and Website Info
Serial number 4QAA-SMIU-EUGE-8OS2
Created Thu, 23 Sep 2021 03:48:10 GMT
Version 1.0.1
History size
Imports size
Missing URLs None
SQLite version 3.26.0
PHP version 7.4.27 (litespeed)
PHP extensions curl dom fileinfo iconv intl json libxml pcre pdo_sqlite zip
Max upload size 128MB
Max PHP memory 512MB
Free disk space 634.59GB
MIME-types of files and quantity
MIME-types of files and sizes
Hostnames and URLs count/size
Hostnames Files Size Redirects 968 25.47MB 0
System update
This tool checks and updates Archivarix CMS, Archivarix Loader to the latest version. If you have manually edited the source code, all changes will be lost. CMS and Loader settings that were set using the Settings menu will not be affected.

Name Version Filename
Archivarix CMS 0.1.210802 archivarix.cms.php
Archivarix Loader 0.1.210710 index.php