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  • Ipalc

    Things to Know About Adult-Onset Asthma

    2017-09-20 15:45:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    When someone thinks of asthma, often the image of a child wheezing and/or using an inhaler pops into mind. Asthma isn’t just a childhood disorder. In fact, some people develop asthma in their adult years despite never having asthma as a child. Adult-onset asthma can be more severe than childhood-onset asthma. For those who develop […]

  • Ipalc

    AFib: Know the Facts About this Silent Killer

    2017-08-30 13:19:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    One day you’re feeling great. The next, suddenly, your heart feels like it skipped a beat. Or maybe, your heart feels like it’s banging around in the chest wall. Then, you start to feel light-headed, nauseous, and weak. What’s going on? Most likely, you’re experiencing atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation (AFib or AF) is a quivering […]

  • Ipalc

    Such a Pain: The 101 on Gallstones

    2017-08-23 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Sudden pains that pop up in your stomach can be alarming and unsettling. You may frantically ask yourself “Do I have gas?” “Is my appendix going to burst,” and “Are my kidneys failing?”  With so many organs in your abdomen, there’s many reasons your stomach area can be experiencing pain. Some pains are minor and […]

  • How to Manage Adult Acne

    2017-08-16 09:22:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Acne isn’t just a teenager’s problem. In fact, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. If you have acne and are an adult, you are not alone! Around 50 million Americans deal with acne every year.  Fifty percent of adult women and 25 percent of adult men suffer from acne. Sadly, […]

  • Ipalc

    Vitamins & Supplements for Heart Health

    2017-08-07 09:23:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    A healthy diet could aide in saving your life. By eating balanced, nutritious meals, you are fueling the body with what it needs to keep your cholesterol and sugar levels in check, while fighting off harmful diseases. Instead of thinking about what to take out of your diet, focus your attention on what foods you […]

  • veins

    What to Do About Your Varicose Veins

    2017-07-31 16:36:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    More than 40 million Americans have and suffer from varicose veins.  Unfortunately, if varicose veins run in your family, you have a high chance of developing symptomatic venous disease yourself. Genetics plays a significant role in this problem. Around half of cases are attributed to hereditary. There are other factors that lead to their development, […]

  • junk food

    Food Additives to Avoid in Your Diet

    2017-07-24 09:26:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Ann Wigmore, a holistic health practitioner, once said, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” She certainly isn’t wrong. Raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, nuts, and dairy products, are filled with macronutrients and micronutrients that nourish and […]

  • Is Inflammation Good or Bad for the Body?

    2017-07-17 11:23:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    In recent years, you’ve probably heard a lot about anti-inflammatory diets and medications, but do you know what inflammation is? Do you know what inflammation does for the body (good or bad)? Inflammation is the body’s response to injury and infection. For example: if you cut yourself, the area will become inflamed and be painful; […]