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Patient Calls


IPALC’s Physician Call Service Greatly benefits you, the physician.


What if you could have a medically trained HIPPA compliant answering service to directly funnel new patients right to your office, boosting your business revenue?


Thanks to IPALC’s Patient Call Line – All IPALC members do.


How it works:


Potential patients who are looking for a physician in the area can call IPALC’s Patient Call Line FREE of charge by dialing 239-314-0791. The phone number is listed at the very top of the home page on our www.ipalc.org website.


Clients can take heart knowing that the doctors listed in our directory have been properly vetted and that we at IPALC stand behind them.


Their information is taken under the strictest HIPPA compliance and used to match them with the best office in their area based on condition, location and proximity, and personal preferences.


Once a physician is chosen, they simply call to schedule an appointment with the office directly. IPALC’s patient call line is a free service and patients may call in as often as they need referrals.


Trying to find a great doctor by scouring Google is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Listing through IPALC makes patient searches less time consuming and far less frustrating.


Get your office listed today!