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Thank you to the community at large, who support the vision of IPALC and the leaders who devote their time, talent and treasure to keep goals in focus.  Without the patients of Lee County, the Physicians of Lee County wouldn't matter!

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Raymond Kordonowy, MD







Summer is moving along quickly, before we know it school will be back in session. Almost daily, we continue to read reports reaffirming that the new mandated health insurance law known as the Affordable Care Act is anything but.  Not only are everyone's premiums continuing to sky-rocket, but with those larger monthly commitments we are finding that the providers are leaving insurance networks and contracts.  Ironically while under the law individuals are being "forced" to buy insurance, doctors and hospitals cannot be forced to participate in insurance contracts. It turns out, being insured does not result in the false promise of health care delivery.


Among the many things IPALC is striving to do, one is to provide the market with a referral site to access physicians who have the least conflicts of interest when it comes to you, the patient.  As president of IPALC, I am trying to convince our local physicians that we should be more transparent and "user friendly" when it comes to informing patients of provided services as well as our prices.


There is a movement afoot from the physician market known as Direct Primary Care.  This is a model of providing a patient medical care with membership fees for practice access and services. The competition in this market is to provide affordable and comprehensive services for patient members.  This is good for patient consumers. This model works particularly well for family medicine practices as well as urgent care services. This model is coming about because doctors are tired of dealing with payment recovery from the insurance industry. 


Another irony of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is that the insurance industry is getting less user friendly and not helping regular folks see the doctor.   They are taking our money but giving us far less in return, accidental or intentional?  If you don't already, please consider one of our member physicians for services you may need. Ask your doctor if she or he is a member of IPALC.  If not, why not?  It may be because they aren't independent.



Humbly submitted,


 Raymond W. Kordonowy MD ABIM ABCL, President of IPALC







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IPALC would like to offer you a different feature physician each month to help you learn who our Independent Physicians are in our community. 


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Allergy Sleep & Lung Care




Primary Specialty: Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine


Offering: A variety of services related to breathing and sleep


Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad has been practicing pulmonary, critical care, internal and sleep medicine in Lee County since 2004. He has extensive clinical and academic experience and believes in a proactive approach to healthcare. His post-graduate training took place at the following well-respected institutions: Harvard University, Cornell University, State University of New York at Brooklyn and the University of Mississippi.


Dr. Ahmad has served as Medical Director - Clinical Research Organization where he has led Clinical Research in:

  • Allergy
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Lung Diseases

In his practice, Dr. Ahmad has offered his patients: 

  • High-Quality, Patient-Sensitive Care
  • Extensive Clinical & Academic Experience
  • Consultative Services in Pulmonary & Critical Care
  • Proactive Approach to Managing Your Health
  • Affiliation with Local Hospitals

Dr. Ahmad has recently launched his new website.  Be sure to visit his site and learn more about him and his practice!  Visit Site Here


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  • Many of our IPALC Physicians are posting blogs on a regular basis. We have even been enjoying some posts from new physicians.  Please be sure to check the News & Articles section of the IPALC website on a regular basis.  


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