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The Independent Physicians Association of Lee County (IPALC) will host its inaugural health fair to give the public an opportunity to hear and discuss health issues that are important to them and members of their family. This event is free to the public! 


Guests will have the chance to visit some Independent Physician tables where they can have free screenings completed, gather information and goodies, and speak with representatives and physicians. Raffle prizes will be given away from some of our member physicians. Light refreshments will be available to all attendees.


Guests will have the chance to attend multiple Physician Talks on various topics of interest:

No pre-registration is required; however, if you have questions regarding the event, you may contact , IPALC's Project Manager, at (239) 628-3224. 




Future Events


Spring 2015 Patient Event 


March 21st, 2015


     Hilton Garden Inn 

          (12600 University Drive, Fort

  Myers, FL 33907)


Come join our IPALC physicians for an event involving forums, Q&A sessions, screenings, free information and swag and much more!



Thank You


Thank you to the community at large, who support the vision of IPALC and the leaders who devote their time, talent and treasure to keep goals in focus.  Without the patients of Lee County, the Physicians of Lee County wouldn't matter!

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Raymond Kordonowy, MD






Welcome to our 2nd patient newsletter. The response to our first newsletter was very encouraging- thanks! We are looking forward to offering a public patient event next month. Stay tuned for our announcements.


The purpose of this planned event is to let the community know more about the Independent Physician's Association of Lee County. At the event we anticipate offering brief topic-based lectures with question and answer opportunities provided by your local physician talent. We are reviewing the list of topics provided by our first newsletter readers to help us discuss what the public is interested in. The doctors of IPALC are independent, private practice physicians and physician groups. We work for you, patients and not insurance companies or a hospital owner. Our primary focus is excellent patient-centered care.


This year marks the 50th year anniversary of Medicare. 50 years since its inception there have been numerous "revisions" of the Medicare program, the most recent being the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). This latest attempt to manage health care through the federal government has created tremendous additional stress on the health care market. No one including Medicare beneficiaries can avoid the impact of this legislative act.


As the president of IPALC, I feel it is imperative that our local community come up with a more realistic and market based health care market. The present bureaucratic favored laws are creating a massively complex delivery system which favors large systems such as hospitals and difficult to navigate insurance networks for getting to your doctor. It is silly to have to be forced into such a system. Doctoring is actually a "cottage industry". This means more local and specific care models work best. Different geographic areas have different health and social concerns. Having a system driven from Washington DC is unlikely to take care of the Fort Myers/Lee county areas needs and concerns.


The doctors of IPALC are trying to forge ahead on our own to help solve our own market needs while maintaining optimal patient care. We are business owners and thus we understand that paying more and more in insurance premiums and taxes just to have the financial resources invested, diverted and pumped into inefficient and ineffective delivery systems is insanity. It is going to take brave action and conviction to step away from imposed solutions that we can see will not improve care or costs concerns for the average buyer.

I hope that IPALC can be a source for excellent health information, excellent physicians and more transparent care for this community. Our association of doctors is working on a HIIPA compliant method of patient referral collaboration from our main website. This would allow independence to continue but leverage the synergy of mutually interested collaboration. This is a better way to "get the job done". This is just one example of things we are presently working on. I appreciate your interest in our organization and doctors. We appreciate your patronage and please seek your doctor care from IPALC.



Sincerely Submitted,

 Raymond W. Kordonowy MD ABIM ABCL, President of IPALC





Physician Spotlight


IPALC would like to offer you a different feature physician each month to help you learn who our Independent Physicians are in our community. 


As you begin reading our newsletter, if there is a specific group or physician in Lee County you wish to know more about, send an email to  so that we may feature that physician or group.



Florida Cancer Specialists





Primary Specialty: Hematology and Oncology


Dr. Syed Zafar, M.D is a Hematologist/ Medical Oncologist with extensive training in clinical hematology and oncology.


After his residency in Internal Medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, he was selected to be a Chief Medical Resident by the program leadership. As a result of his compassionate care, dedication and leadership skills he was recognized by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and awarded the prestigious Gold Humanism Award and inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society.


Since his early training he has been academically very active, conducting high quality research studies. He completed his clinical fellowship at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. He has been an institutional principal investigator for numerous translational and clinical research projects in gastrointestinal cancers. 


Dr. Zafar has published several scientific papers, abstracts and book chapters in peer reviewed journals such as American journal of Clinical Oncology, Journal of Geriatric Oncology and Nutrition Reviews. Dr. Zafar was also awarded the prestigious Elkin Grant to study novel treatments in pancreatic cancer at Emory University. In addition, he has presented his work nationally in various meetings and conferences. He has also lectured about contemporary management of various malignancies in didactic conferences. 


In his free time, he enjoys reading and spending time with family.


Click here to send Dr. Zafar and his staff a message.







  • Many of our IPALC Physicians are posting blogs on a regular basis. We have even been enjoying some posts from new physicians.  Please be sure to check the News & Articles section of the IPALC website on a regular basis.  


  • Dr. Raymond Kordonowy has published a FREE RECIPE E-BOOK on the IPALC website.  It is full of recipes that are not only healthy, but delicious too!  Please take a moment to download the e-book and encourage your friends to do the same.








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