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Thank you to the community at large, who support the vision of IPALC and the leaders who devote their time, talent and treasure to keep goals in focus.  Without the patients of Lee County, the Physicians of Lee County wouldn't matter!

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Raymond Kordonowy, MD





Welcome IPALC readers!


The physicians involved in the Independent Physicians Association of Lee County are happy to be of service to our community. I encourage you to tell your friends about us. Let them know they can learn about our doctor members by searching our physician directory. Our members are dues-paying physicians who are striving to stay available and relevant in a rapidly changing health care market. 


All the news these days is about health insurance and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). I have been on record from very early into this national decision that Health Insurance does not equal health care. I think the public is quickly coming around to this understanding. Ask yourself, is it easier or harder now to access a doctor's office? Is your doctor more interested in filling out a computer form or taking a careful history of your health and present physical concerns? Is your doctor, or more likely his or her Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant, smiling or are they scowling? Are you getting what you paid for in terms of value? Does your doctor even take your insurance (that is being mandated that you purchase)?


Enjoy this month's newsletter and learn about our newest IPALC member Dr. Wayne Issacson MD, a solo pain management physician. Also, learn about IPALC's efforts to address our hospital bed access problem in our community. Check out the news exposure that has resulted from these efforts. To help inform the board and public at large I encourage anyone who has had to endure the embarrassment and disservice of living in an ER gurney or other hallway admission to go to our patient hospital experience link. Giving us facts and cases will greatly improve our leverage as we inform the media of the literally daily nightmares that doctors know are going on.


Happy holidays as the season begins. Next month we hope to offer an educational piece on the concept of Healthcare Cost sharing model as an alternative to our present health insurance model. Healthcare cost sharing is exempted from the current PPACA/ACA legislation and is much more direct and fair in terms of efficient use of our health care dollars.



Humbly submitted,


 Raymond W. Kordonowy MD ABIM ABCL, President of IPALC





Physician Spotlight


IPALC would like to offer you a different feature physician each month to help you learn who our Independent Physicians are in our community. 


As you begin reading our newsletter, if there is a specific group or physician in Lee County you wish to know more about, send an email to info@ipalc.org so that we may feature that physician or group.



Wayne Isaacson MD - Expert Pain Relief




Primary Specialty: Pain Management


Born in NYC, Dr. Wayne Isaacson attended The Bronx High School of Science, one of the most elite and well-respected public schools in the country. Remaining committed to family, he remained close by and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in biochemistry at Binghamton University. Dr. Isaacson then completed his medical degree (M.D.) at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, New York. His residency and fellowship training were completed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Center. While in training as a resident physician, Dr. Wayne Isaacson was actively engaged in research, having 3 publications and 4 abstract presentations to his credit; he also earned the acclaimed Arthur B. Tarrow Award for outstanding resident research.


Dr. Isaacson continued his academic career in Portland, Oregon as an assistant professor at the Oregon Health Sciences University where he was also appointed as Pain Fellowship Program Director of an ACGME fellowship program. While engaged in clinical and teaching duties, Dr. Isaacson did consultant work for the Oregon Board of Medicine as an expert in controlled substance prescription practices. Although Dr. Isaacson enjoyed the outdoors and cool misty climate of Oregon, he did have a desire to be closer to family, which prompted a move to Southwest Florida. After a short tenure as medical director at Lee Memorial Pain Management Services, Dr. Wayne Isaacson entered private practice at his current Fort Myers location, where he has remained since. Prior to opening his current facility location in Cape Coral in 2006, Dr. Isaacson also had two additional office locations in Bonita Springs as well as Naples. Desiring to focus primarily in Lee County, Dr. Isaacson consolidated his office locations to his two current facilities of one each in Fort Myers as well as Cape Coral.


Visit Dr. Issacson MD for more information on the practice and Dr. Isaacson.  Visit Site Here


Click here to send Dr. Isaacson and his staff a message.






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