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Raymond Kordonowy, MD





Welcome IPALC readers!


Greetings!  Just 2 weeks ago I was asked to speak on a physician panel that involved alternative practice models in private medicine.  I was asked to speak about my personal story because I have not signed an insurance contact as a doctor for over 10 years.  I decided back then that I no longer wished to propagate the myth that people needed health insurance to access a doctor's professional services and care.  Going along with the 3rd party payer model has only made it more difficult for patients and doctors to stay in a relationship. 


Your and my health is an ongoing process and journey.  People should be choosing their physician based upon competence, service and a working relationship, not because your boss bought you yet another cheaper (not really as insurance premiums have only risen my entire working career) insurance contract that is one year in duration.  Think about how many unnecessary repeat physicals and repeat tests you have had this past decade because your employer or your doctor fired last year's insurance contract.  How does that promote less expensive health care? The annual insurance contract is just the first thing wrong with how health insurance functions.


Obamacare by all measures has been a dismal failure.  This is because the government and many people are operating under  the false premise that health insurance equals health care and health.  Health care access and informed lifestyles equal health.  Insurance in any other area other than health doesn't get called upon unless there is a truly catastrophic or significant unexpected event. 


In this newsletter IPALC is pleased to inform you the public about one of the Health Share Ministry options known as Liberty HealthShare.  As president of IPALC I feel this Obamacare exempted option for paying for health care while minimizing the risk of an illness bankrupting you or your family has all the right ingredients.  This very same month the IPALC physicians are getting a physician directed article explaining how Liberty HealthShare works.  It is my hope that individuals, doctors and employers (including doctor employers) will consider this alternative when the next "insurance contract" proposal comes up.


IPALC is exploring a way to get our local pharmacies to work with us in developing a prescription formulary that could perhaps further reduce unexpected out of pocket costs of medications.  Prescription coverage presently is the largest "unknown" when considering the various health sharing products on the market. I envision such a project improving the prescription discount option of Liberty HealthShare's offering.  Additionally, even for other insurance products and cash pay patients such a project would serve the patients and their IPALC doctors well.   The current insurance model is ripping the public off as it relates to prescriptions and as they say- "someone ought to do something about this".  We are trying- IPALC- physicians championing for patients!  




Humbly submitted,


 Raymond W. Kordonowy MD ABIM ABCL, President of IPALC





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Endocrinology Institute of South Florida




Primary Specialty: Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism


Dr. Orlando Fernandez is board certified in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism.


Dr. Fernandez has been practicing medicine for 17 years. He received his medical degree from Instituto Superior de Ciencias Medicas. His residency and fellowship was at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He is fluent in both Spanish and English.


Dr. Fernandez and the staff at Endocrinology Institute of South Florida know how uncomfortable and troublesome your symptoms can be. We try to accommodate all our patients with having same-day appointment availability. We make every effort to see you as soon as possible. We are open normal business hours-8 am-5pm on weekdays and closed Saturdays and Sundays.


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You can also view their practice website HERE






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