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  • Ketamine: A depression drug that researchers have called ‘the most important discovery in half a century’ just got a big lift

    2018-05-07 13:17:22 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    Ketamine, which has been called “the most important discovery in half a century,” just got a step closer to becoming the first new depression drug in 35 years. Johnson & Johnson, one of the pharmaceutical companies pursuing the drug’s fast-acting antidepressant qualities, presented some promising new research on Saturday that could raise the drug’s profile as a potential treatment for […]

  • A New Study on Theta Burst Stimulation Out of Canada

    2018-04-27 12:51:20 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

      Three-minute magnetic brain stimulation treatments can reduce depression symptoms: study A three-minute treatment involving magnetic stimulation of the brain works just as well as the standard form of such therapy for people with hard-to-treat depression, a new study has found.   The success of the intermittent theta-burst stimulation (iTBS) therapy could greatly increase the […]

  • Music as Medicine: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

    2018-03-27 12:49:23 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

      Healing Then and Now With Music   Therapeutic uses of music date back to antiquity. Healing shrines in Ancient Greece housed both hymn specialists and physicians.[2] Native American tribes chanted, danced, and played drums to heal illness. And early Christian priests used hymns to ease pain in the sick. Today, scientific studies confirm what […]

  • New therapies like TBS bring better results.

    2018-02-05 17:27:10 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    Melissa Banks says she struggled with depression “on and off, but mostly on” since the age of ten. She traces the cause to early life experiences, and while she doesn’t have a personal recollection of the details, her mother has helped fill the gaps in her memory.“My twin brothers were born when I was not […]

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation vs. Traditional Pharmacotherapy for Major Depressive Disorder

    2018-01-26 13:54:48 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a novel, non-invasive method of activating neural signals through the use of strong, time-varying electromagnetic fields. rTMS is primarily used for patients with treatment-resistant depression. As its reputation has grown, so has its demand. But in the world of health economics and Return on Investment (ROI) ratios, is rTMS […]

  • Tolerability and Safety of Theta-Burst TMS in Patients with Major Depression

    2018-01-11 17:33:30 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

      Abstract   The aim of this open study was to evaluate the safety and tolerability of theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation (TBS) and to assess preliminarily its therapeutic efficacy in patients with major depression. A total of 33 patients were assigned to receive one of four TBS protocols for 10 consecutive work days. TBS consisted […]

  • lipids

    Lipids Resources and Management

    2018-01-09 09:58:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    As a lipidologist (cholesterol specialist), I wanted to briefly introduce you to National Lipid Foundation. This Foundation supports patient and clinician education research and community outreach activities that enhance and support the Foundation in its efforts to reduce cardiovascular events and deaths related to abnormalities of cholesterol metabolism.   With a wider depth of knowledge […]

  • heart

    Eat Right For Your Heart

    2018-01-04 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Reviewed by health care specialists at UCSF Medical Center.   The original article appeared here.   The foods you eat directly impact your cardiovascular health. Improving your diet can help you manage current health conditions, such as high cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, and can also help prevent future health problems.   What is a […]

  • Sources of Parent-Offspring Resemblance for Major Depression

    2017-12-28 17:57:20 Medical News Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    Question: How do effects of genetics and rearing each contribute to the transmission of risk for major depression from parents to children?   Findings: In this population register–based study of 2 269 552 offspring of intact, adoptive, not-lived-with father, stepfather, and triparental families from the general Swedish population, the effects of genes and rearing were […]

  • holistic

    Holistic Healthcare

    2017-12-26 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    The term “holistic” is often associated with unscientific alternative medicine, but there is in fact a holistic way of approaching health that understands the mind and body of the patient as a unified whole.  That is what “holistic” means: considering the complete individual, the entire person as a unity rather than viewing them as a […]

  • More evidence links high-potency marijuana use to first-episode psychosis

    2017-12-19 12:21:41 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    Publish date: December 14, 2017 Randy Dotinga Clinical Psychiatry News   SAN DIEGO – High-potency marijuana use appears to be associated with an increased risk of a first psychotic episode, based on a case-control study conducted in Europe.   “Daily users of a strong type of cannabis face a significant increase in the probability of developing a psychotic […]

  • Common Nutritional Deficiencies

    2017-12-18 11:42:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Even in Western countries where food is relatively plentiful, there are still millions of people who suffer from nutritional deficiencies.  Often, these deficiencies express themselves in minor ailments that many people ignore, because people assume that if they’re eating enough they’re also getting enough nutrients.  However, because of the nature of highly processed foods and […]

  • The Benefits of Combining Ketamine and TBS to Treat Depression.

    2017-12-14 13:49:04 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    A.F. Leuchter, R. Espinoza, N. Suthana, A. Hunter, I.A. Cook University of California Los Angeles, USA [0601] DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.brs.2017.01.438   Introduction: Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) applied to dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) causes acute changes in neuronal excitability in this region as well as changes in functional connectivity of brain circuitry involving DLPFC. Theta burst […]

  • Inside the ‘mad rush’ for Ketamine Treatment

    2017-12-13 12:05:05 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    Publish date: December 8, 2017 By Randy Dotinga Clinical Psychiatry News   Ketamine, once best known as a pet anesthetic and party drug, is taking the United States by storm. Dozens of ketamine treatment centers are operating from coast to coast.Big cities like Baltimore, Boston, and Phoenix have them. So do Charleston, S.C., and Boise, Idaho. Two […]

  • The Importance of Iron

    2017-12-11 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Popeye knew what he was doing by eating his spinach. He turned to spinach to get stronger, which is true – spinach can help a person feel/be stronger. How? Spinach is loaded with iron, which not only helps a person’s strength, but also can give a person energy, strengthen bones, improve brain and cardiovascular function, […]

  • What to Do About Eczema

    2017-12-04 09:45:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Have you noticed any red blotches on your skin? Maybe some blisters? Do they ooze or crust? Is your skin scaly? Do these skin conditions come and go? There’s a very good chance you could have eczema. Eczema isn’t just a child’s group of skin conditions, it can affect adults, as well.  In fact, 17 […]


    2017-11-29 16:09:09 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida Uncategorized

    RENO, Nev (KOLO) The clear plastic IV bag contains saline and a small amount of Ketamine. Two times a week, Samantha Cobb is hooked up to the medicine for about 40 minutes.   A chronic pain patient with depression, she says within hours she feels like a million bucks.   “For the past four years […]

  • Advanced diagnostic tool examines veins from the inside

    2017-11-27 15:29:00 Vein Specialists at Royal Palm

    Tired of the cold, snowy New England winters, Kristi Harkness and her family relocated to warmer Fort Myers in 2004. Dedicating herself as a… The post Advanced diagnostic tool examines veins from the inside appeared first on We Know Veins.

  • Did hurricane Irma take a toll on your legs?

    2017-11-21 13:56:00 Vein Specialists at Royal Palm

    As hurricane Irma was bearing down on us in early September, we all had to quickly prepare and then make the difficult decision to… The post Did hurricane Irma take a toll on your legs? appeared first on We Know Veins.

  • Nutrition for the Holiday Season

    2017-11-21 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    It’s that time of year again: the holidays! Fortunately, or unfortunately (whichever way you look at it), these holidays bring a lot of food to the table-from turkeys and stuffing to pies and cookies, and let’s not forget, plenty of alcohol. The holidays are a time where friends and family gather around to spend time […]


    2017-11-17 16:04:53 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida Uncategorized

    John Foster, like many who have served our country, has dealt with the lasting effects of war, especially post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The 38-year-old says a genetic test, ordered by his doctor, helped guide his treatment plan and allowed him to get better, faster. The Orlando, Florida, resident was a combat medic and served two […]

  • The Best Brain Food to Keep You Healthy and Sharp

    2017-11-17 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    As we age, our bodies age, including our brain. Unfortunately, getting older is inevitable, but through the lifestyle choices we make, we can maintain a healthy, “younger” brain into our older age. Staying sharp as a knife is important, because this organ is the control center of our bodies. Our brains control the way we […]

  • Ipalc

    Key to Preventing Lung Cancer is Early Screening and Early Detection

    2017-11-14 15:59:00 Allergy Sleep & Lung Care

    Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women, according to the American Cancer Society. Lung cancer accounts for about 27% of all cancer deaths and is by far the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. Each year, more people die of lung cancer than of colon, breast, […]

  • Depression & Heart Disease

    2017-11-14 15:41:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Written with: Leo Pozuelo, MD Department of Psychiatry and Psychology The original article appeared here. It is common for you to feel sad or depressed after a heart attack, cardiac surgery or procedure, recent hospitalization, or new diagnosis of heart disease. These emotions may be the result of not knowing what to expect or not being able […]

  • Facts About Tetanus and the Shot

    2017-11-10 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    When was the last time you had a tetanus vaccine booster? Many people aren’t entirely informed on what a tetanus shot does for the body; however, they may know they need to get this shot if they step on a rusty nail.  As an adult, the tetanus-diphtheria (td) vaccine is recommended for adults every 10 […]


    2017-11-08 15:50:58 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    The standard FDA cleared protocol can now be done in half the time, which means half the cost to you! Read the official MagVenture press release HERE.

  • What is an Internist?

    2017-11-03 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    An explanation by Dr. Kordonowy Speaking to patients as well as personal friends, I have become aware that many patients do not understand what an Internal Medicine physician is or does. We are the broadest specialty that diagnoses and manages adult health problems. Surgery is another example of a broad specialty from which various surgical […]

  • Could treating depression worsen symptoms in the long run?

    2017-11-01 15:29:04 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    Published Thursday 26 October 2017 By Tim Newman Fact checked by Jasmin Collier According to a recent study, although treating major depressive disorder has benefits in the short-term, over a longer period of time, it may make the condition worse. Major depressive disorder is a serious, debilitating mental illness. In the United States, it affects […]

  • Hyperthyroidism vs. Hypothyroidism

    2017-10-30 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Have you ever felt like your metabolism may be off? Do you have difficulty losing weight? Experienced unexplained weight gain?  Hair loss? Chronic fatigue? You may have a thyroid issue. Around 27 million Americans suffer from a thyroid-related illness. Thankfully precise laboratory testing can clarify if there is abnormal function of the thyroid gland. There […]

  • What a Pain: Living with Osteoarthritis

    2017-10-24 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    No one wants to be slowed down. Unfortunately, sometimes pain in the body can keep us from living and doing the things we want. More than 3 million cases a year are reported of people suffering from osteoarthritis, a common condition that can make it difficult to walk, bend, climb stairs, and even move one’s […]

  • Texas Standard on Ketamine as a Treatment for PTSD

    2017-10-20 14:02:33 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    A short but interesting podcast from Texas Standard discussing Ketamine: The Future of PTSD Treatment? Ketamine: The Future of PTSD Treatment? #ketamine #ptsd #depression #florida #psychiatry

  • veins


    2017-10-18 14:56:00 Vein Specialists at Royal Palm

    My name is April Stowers and I am a nurse practitioner at Vein Specialists.  October is my favorite month because college football is in full swing and I love Halloween! At Vein Specialists, we celebrate October because of spiders and HELPING our patients with spider veins and symptoms of venous insufficiency. What does the appearance […]

  • nutrition

    Optimizing Your Nutrition

    2017-10-17 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Looking for a new “diet”? Need to drop a few pounds? Looking for a healthier eating strategy? The information readily available these days is nearly endless. However, it can be a little overwhelming. Information overload! Who do you trust on this topic? Is this person a doctor, nutritionist or other health professional? How do you […]

  • College Student Finds Relief Through Ketamine Infusions

    2017-10-16 13:06:37 Psychiatric Associates of SWFL Psychiatry TMS of SW Florida

    William Storey remembers a childhood filled with hopelessness and loneliness instead of birthday parties and bike rides.   “I was abnormal at an age in which abnormality is very unhealthy,” states William, now 23. The abrupt and dramatic cultural change caused by his family’s move from Maine to Georgia when he was eight complicated the […]

  • Ipalc

    Feel the Burn: Facts About UTIs

    2017-10-10 13:41:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Did you know around 10 million doctor office visits and 1.5 million hospitalizations per year are due to urinary tract infections (UTIs)?  In fact, one in every five women will get at least one UTI in her lifetime. Twenty percent of women who get a UTI will get another, and 30 percent of women who […]

  • Ipalc

    Target Your Nutritional Needs with PureGenomics®

    2017-09-27 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

      You are unique! Your genetic makeup is unique. This means, many of the answers to your health and wellness are inside of you. Your genome, or your set of genes, gives practitioners and researchers the opportunity to better test you to optimize your health.   Through genetic testing, you and your doctor can become […]

  • Things to Know About Adult-Onset Asthma

    2017-09-20 15:45:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

      When someone thinks of asthma, often the image of a child wheezing and/or using an inhaler pops into mind. Asthma isn’t just a childhood disorder. In fact, some people develop asthma in their adult years despite never having asthma as a child. Adult-onset asthma can be more severe than childhood-onset asthma. For those who […]

  • AFib: Know the Facts About this Silent Killer

    2017-08-30 13:19:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

      One day you’re feeling great. The next, suddenly, your heart feels like it skipped a beat. Or maybe, your heart feels like it’s banging around in the chest wall. Then, you start to feel light-headed, nauseous, and weak. What’s going on? Most likely, you’re experiencing atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation (AFib or AF) is a […]

  • April Stowers, MSN, FNP-C of Vein Specialists Named “Best in Nursing”

    2017-08-29 11:36:00 Vein Specialists at Royal Palm

      FORT MYERS, FL. (August 2017) – Vein Specialists commends April Stowers, MSN, FNP-C for receiving the Award of Excellence from the American Health Council. The Award of Excellence is awarded to 100 nursing professionals annually for their admirable character, selfless dedication, and outstanding effort.   Perpetually raising the bar for all, these honorees help […]

  • Such a Pain: The 101 on Gallstones

    2017-08-23 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Sudden pains that pop up in your stomach can be alarming and unsettling. You may frantically ask yourself “Do I have gas?” “Is my appendix going to burst,” and “Are my kidneys failing?”  With so many organs in your abdomen, there’s many reasons your stomach area can be experiencing pain. Some pains are minor and […]

  • How to Manage Adult Acne

    2017-08-16 09:22:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Acne isn’t just a teenager’s problem. In fact, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. If you have acne and are an adult, you are not alone! Around 50 million Americans deal with acne every year.  Fifty percent of adult women and 25 percent of adult men suffer from acne. Sadly, […]

  • Ipalc

    Vitamins & Supplements for Heart Health

    2017-08-07 09:23:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    A healthy diet could aide in saving your life. By eating balanced, nutritious meals, you are fueling the body with what it needs to keep your cholesterol and sugar levels in check, while fighting off harmful diseases. Instead of thinking about what to take out of your diet, focus your attention on what foods you […]

  • veins

    What to Do About Your Varicose Veins

    2017-07-31 16:36:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    More than 40 million Americans have and suffer from varicose veins.  Unfortunately, if varicose veins run in your family, you have a high chance of developing symptomatic venous disease yourself. Genetics plays a significant role in this problem. Around half of cases are attributed to hereditary. There are other factors that lead to their development, […]

  • Volcano

    Angio Suite included in Fort Myers Expansion at Vein Specialists

    2017-07-31 16:14:00 Vein Specialists at Royal Palm

    FORT MYERS, FL. (June 2017) – Vein Specialists is pleased to announce the expansion of their Fort Myers office with the addition of a new state of the art interventional suite including the Volcano intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). IVUS is the most cutting edge catheter based ultrasound technology which allows precise identification and measurement of pelvic vein […]

  • junk food

    Food Additives to Avoid in Your Diet

    2017-07-24 09:26:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Ann Wigmore, a holistic health practitioner, once said, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” She certainly isn’t wrong. Raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, nuts, and dairy products, are filled with macronutrients and micronutrients that nourish and […]

  • Is Inflammation Good or Bad for the Body?

    2017-07-17 11:23:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    In recent years, you’ve probably heard a lot about anti-inflammatory diets and medications, but do you know what inflammation is? Do you know what inflammation does for the body (good or bad)? Inflammation is the body’s response to injury and infection. For example: if you cut yourself, the area will become inflamed and be painful; […]

  • How to Keep Your Gut Happy

    2017-07-06 16:46:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Keeping your gut happy is important. Many studies have shown that gut health has an impact on many other areas of your body. There are current articles trying to explain how gut health can impact your body’s inflammation, weight, skin health, brain and mental health, hormones, and more.  This is a large topic, but I […]

  • The Pros of Using a Fitbit

    2017-06-28 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about the Fitbit. In fact, you probably know someone who uses one. Simply, it is a fitness tracker, but depending on the model you purchase your Fitbit can provide you with different information. Basic Fitbit models just track steps and tell you the time, but the more complex […]

  • What Are Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke?

    2017-06-21 08:00:00 IMLW of Fort Myers

    Summer is here, which means it’s extremely hot and humid in Florida. In this state, the average temperature is around 82 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Last year, the National Weather Service issues its first heat advisory for south Florida in seven years. Many Florida cities even see several 90+ days throughout the summer and […]

  • Do you have “Orthovenous” Disease? When Orthopedic and Venous Disease Collide.

    2017-06-16 12:48:00 Vein Specialists at Royal Palm

    “Orthovenous” disease you ask?  What is that?  Is that even a disease or a word?  Well…not exactly, but it is a neologism I have created to describe a much more common entity I have encountered in my vein focused practice.  Patients with orthopedic disease are of the age group that has a high prevalence of […]